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 Website & Internet Marketing explained

Website description:
A website can be as complicated as your daily newspaper (Sun-Times or Tribune), the “Yellow Page” phone directory or like your favorite magazine (Newsweek, Woman's Day, Reader's Digest or Road & Track, etc.) or it can be as simple as a one page neighborhood newsletter. You can change the information once a year like the Yellow Pages, or daily like the newspaper.

The URL (Domain Name): *Http:// is the address of the storage space where your website is stored after it is assembled. You rent the domain name, the same as you rent storage space to store furniture.

*If you know this address, anyone can go there to get a copy of your website.

Search engines like: Yahoo, Google & MSN (there are hundreds) are like the convenient food marts, the White Hen pantries & the many gas stations and mini-marts where you can find newspapers and magazines available.

The Monthly service we provide at:, our advertising and Search Engine Optimization of your website pages is like the delivery trucks and drivers that pick up the newspapers and magazines and distribute them to the convenient food marts, the White Hen pantries & the many gas stations and mini-marts.

Search engine delay: When you first start out. It takes time to buy the trucks and hire and train the drivers to deliver the newspaper and magazines. This is like the time it takes for your website to start being found by the search engines. (minimum 2 months to 8 months for some)

*With the Domain name address, your customers can only find your website by typing in the exact address in the URL box. Example:
*This is like going to the storage facility to pick up something you have stored there.

*Your website will not be found by the search engines at this point.

Once we do our part: list and advertise your website on: ( then setup and optimize your website pages for the search engines to be able to find them, in time (2 to 8 months) the search engines will start finding and listing your website when you search for it using the term you think customers will type in the search box. (your website or business name)

*At this time we still are retaining the low monthly cost of $50 per month for the advertising and maintenance of your website, or webpage advertising.

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